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On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of May, a GWO pilot course was held at Tesicnor Noain on the new modules aimed at the Advanced Rescue in the wind sector (ART), with participants from Siemens-Gamesa and General Electric.
It should be noted that the practices were carried out in our facilities and simulators, recreating emergency situations with the presence of victims.
The aim of these ART courses is to give certain worker of the sector practical key procedures to perform leadership and collaborative tasks in an effective rescue, in high complexity places, such as the interior of blades, spinners and hubs, all of them environments with geometric restrictions as well as in elevated areas that require the safe descent of the victim.
This new GWO training is planned to come into force from the second half of 2018 on.
It will be given by Tesicnor, aiming at delegates with a regular presence in the wind farms, where the analysed emergency situations may occur.