Inspection of personal protective equipment to work at height



We haver our own app of traceability , tcheck. You will get an updated status of the equipment, with all the inspections and the next dates.



Visual and functional inspection of the personal protective equipment to ensure its best use and functionality.



We develop the proper maintenance of the equipment and if it is necessary to repair it we send it to the manunfacturer.

We inspect…

  • Anti-Fall Harness

  • Lanyard with a shock absorber

  • Lanyard without shock absorber

  • Fall-Arrester

  • Helmet

  • Automatic Emergency Descender

  • Manual Emergency Descender

  • Carabiners

  • Straps

  • Jumar,Back-ups, blockers, crolls, pulleys and unions

  • Textil stirrups

  • Ropes (up to 50 metres)

  • Retractable belt

  • Sits for rope access

  • Individual shock absorber

  • Rope regulator (grillion…)

tcheck, our software for traceability

tcheck, is a new software and app for mobiles by tesicnor where you can check and follow the traceability of your PPE’s on time.

The app gives our costumers the access to the state of the equipment, the expiring date, the date of the next inspection, or even the possibility to send an e-mail to the responsable of the equipments.

The app is available for Android (online and offline) and computers with an internet access.

This app is focused on big companies with a large volume of materials requiring a fast and effective management of the equipments.

Gestión y revisión de equipos

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