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Reading of different type of working at heights material labels

On numerous occasions, we ask our students to recognize the identification code or the manufacturing date of their different working at heights equipment (harnesses, safety lanyards, helmets…) This information is usually on the labels, laser marked, punched on the metal, etc. Lots of them are not capable of satisfactory pass the exercise due to lack of knowledge on how to properly read those references. This could be a potential issue because typically, the expiring date is calculated from the manufacturing date. Because of that, we find interesting to share this post.

Below, you may find how to read some references that appears on different labels:


Ejemplo de etiqueado

09 is the year of manufacture

040 is the day of manufacture

SL Name of quality inspector

7190 is the individual number of the product


Etiqueta ejemplo 2

Another way we may find the information on the equipment is the following:

43 is the week of the manufacturing year

10 is the year of manufacture


Etiqueta ejemplo 3

On other equipment, the manufacturing date is much more easy to identify because it is the only information they give. Lots of them have the manufacturing date in German (Baujahr): 2011.


código caducidad cascos

Finally, we will describe the labelling on helmets where, typically, what we find, is a circle with the 12 months of the year and one arrow pointing to one of them. On both sides of the mentioned arrow is the year of the manufacturing date of the helmet itself.