Trabajos verticales en el sector eólico. El uso de cuerdas.


Victor DiegoThe vertical works developed in the wind sector require the evidence use of ropes, specifically semistatic ropes. The European regulation for the use of these ropes is under EN 1891.

Next, we briefly provide some basic considerations to bear in mind when using the ropes for vertical works in the wind sector.

a)      Characteristics of the equipment:


–          The minimum width required for the ropes is 9 mm. Under that measure will be considered as auxiliary ropes (up to 9 mm), and will only be used to hold told or other materials (EN 564).

–          The minimum resistance required will be 22 Kn (according to the weight, force  and gravity). The composition of the ropes may vary from polyethylene, Kevlar, polyamide or normally polyester.

–          The use of semistatic ropes is due to they are ideal when progressing(the elasticity is a 30%, not a 70% like the elastic ones). For that reason they reduce the yo-yo effect. The elasticity may vary as well depending on the manufacturer, the plait, or the materials used.

–          According to the EN 1891 three types are reflected:

> Type A, for general use

>Type B, destined to technicians

>Type L(only France)strictly destined to very experienced speleologists

The regulation requires at least a minimum resistance of:

  • 5 falls, factor 1 with a 220 pounds weight for type A.
  • 5 falls, factor 1 with a 175 pounds weight for type B.
  • 2 falls, with a 175 pounds weight for type L.
  • Plus a minimum static resistance is required, as well as impact force, slide and lengthening under load attending to the typology.

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