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elaboracion cursos


We produce and develop technically all the portfolio.


Delivery of courses

Delivery of training courses following a didactic side.



Some exercises and practical cases are developed to enhace the theory.

formaciones y contenidos a medida


Adapted to the needs and requirements of the costumer.

Development of customized courses. We offer our own training courses, but also customized courses or the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) courses.

Tesicnor has available a series of equipments, materials and simulators that give all the costumers the posibility to develop a wide range of practical exercises: simulator of a windturbine, simulator of a nacelle, elevators, simulator of a hub, scenarios of blades in vertical or horizontal position, and electrical risk scenario with different models of switchgears, scenarios of fire extinction, etc.

simulador de pala
Simulator of blades
Curso de alturas y evacuación

Work at Heights and Evacuation training courses

Cursos de rescate

Rescue training course

Cursos de riesgo eléctrico

Electrical Risk training course

Cursos de extinción y prevención de incendios

Fire Awareness training course

Cursos de actuación en primeros auxilios

First Aid training course

Cursos de seguridad y manejo de plataformas elevadoras móviles de personal

Safe Use of Machinery training course

Great variety of courses:
Heights, rescue, electricity…

  • H&S in civil works

  • H&S in Assembly

  • H&S in Energization and commissioning

  • H&S in Disassembly and Dismantling

  • Introduction to general risks

  • Work at Heights and Personal protective equipment (PPE’s)

  • Use and evacuation of fixed guides elevators

  • Use and evacuation of cable guided elevators

  • Use and evacuation of elevators with a rack and pinion mechanism

  • Safe use of helpers

  • Rope access and rescue

  • Electrical risk and RD 614/2001 (Spanish Decree)

  • Maneuvers High voltage

  • PPE’s For Low and High Voltage

  • Extinction of Fires

  • First Aid

  • H&S in the Assembly and Maintenance of Weather Towers

  • Safe Use, Evacuation and Rescue from AWP

  • Mechanical Lifting of Loads

  • Manual Handle of loads: Techniques for lifting

  • Safe Use of Tools

  • Chemical Products and Dangerous Goods

  • Ergonomics

  • Noise

  • Safe Use of Ladders

  • Construction

  • Ergonomics

  • Confined spaces. Hub and Blades of a windturbine.

  • Road Safety

  • Rescue Equipment

  • Rescue from Vertical Ladder

  • Rescue Inside the Nacelle with an Emergency Descender

  • Rescue inside the Nacelle with an Emergency Harness (triangle)

  • Rescue inside the nacelle with a rescue stretcher

  • Rescue from the Side of the Hub

  • Rescue from Inside the Hub or Inside the Nacelle

  • Rescue from Inside the Hub (external access to the hub)

  • Rescue from Outside the Nacelle (external side)

  • Rescue from the frame of the nacelle

  • Rescue from the transformer cabinet

  • Rescue from inside the blade


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