Get the GWO certification, the key to your new job

If your goal is to start a new career or the entrepreneurship of a consultant of services focused on the wind sector, you need to pass the GWO (Global Wind Organisation) standard certification. The GWO training courses have the aim of creating a work environment without accidents, aware the specific risks and give the technicians the safe procedures to act in case of emergency.

What is the scope of these training courses?

It is a theoretical-practical training in which real cases are simulated with real simulators but under safe conditions.

What is the GWO?

La GWO, GWO, Global Wind Organisation, is an organisation integrated by the main manufacturers of windturbines and operating companies. The aim of the training is to guarantee a specific and unified training in H&S, with an international recognition. GWO has developed an international standard training compulsory to work in the wind sector.

What is a GWO certificate and its validity?

The certificate has an international validity of two years and it is bilingual, both spanish and english. In order to avoid intrusion and fraud, the certification remains registered in a database called WINDA.

We are at The Top Ten in the Worldwide Ranking.”


“Tesicnor, the first Spanish company certified under GWO standard, in 2012.””

Every week main and refresher courses to get the
GWO certificate.

GWO Work at Heights

Learn how to use personal protective equipment, safe procedures to work at heights, and how to act in case of emergency.
  • SYLLABUS: Work at Heights training Course
  • Introduction and legislation
  • Personal Protective Equipment (Harness, Fall arrester, positioning rope, helmet…)
  • PPE’s inspection
  • Safety systems
  • Emergency procedures
  • Rescue equipment
  • Practical exercises in real simulators
  • Assessment

  • Icono reloj Main: 16h I Refresher: 8h

First Aid GWO training course

Learn how to act in situiations of emergency, how to protect a casualty, avoid complications and save the life.
  • SYLLABUS: First Aid training Courses
  • Introduction
  • Legislation
  • Anatomy
  • How to handle a situation
  • General First Aid
  • AED Automatic external defibrillator
  • General First Aid
  • Practices in real simulators under control
  • Assessment

  • Icono reloj Main: 16h I Refresher: 8h

Fire Awareness GWO training course

Learn how to preserve the life or the physical integrity. Enhace the culture of safety and get a professional response in case of emergency.
  • SYLLABUS: Fire Awareness training course
  • Introduction
  • Legislation
  • Combustion and spread of the fire
  • Extinction of the fire
  • Prevention
  • Equipments of extinction in windturbines
  • Practical exercises in scenarios under control
  • Assessment

  • Icono reloj  Main: 4h I Refresher: 4h

Handling loads GWO training course

This module is focused on the sensibilization of the risk of handling loads and the development of good habits
  • SYLLABUS: Handling loads training course
  • Introduction and legislation
  • Risks and hazards
  • Anatomy of the back and the shoulder
  • Principles and assessment of the risks and factors influencing
  • Behavioral
  • Lifting techniques and training based on scenarios
  • Practical exercises lifting loads
  • Assessment

  • Icono reloj  Main: 4h I Refresher: 4h

Sea survival training course

Basic skills to survive. Training course developed in collaboration with Centro Jovellanos, Sea Survival School of Asturias (Escuela de salvamento marítimo de Asturias)
  • SYLLABUS: Sea survival training course
  • Introduction
  • Legislation
  • Equipment
  • Hypothermia
  • Pyrotechnic equipment
  • Lifting from the helicopter
  • Safe entrance from heights
  • Swimming and surviving with a Life Jacket
  • Small boats, MTW Techniques

  • Icono reloj  Main: 10h

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