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tasas-interes_foroRetraso lanzamiento RISE RUK/GWO 

La RUK/GWO pospone sine die la entrada en servicio de la base de datos RISE y por tanto la tasa por alumno y curso aplicable a los alumnos asistentes a los cursos impartidos bajo su estándar formativo.

Texto integro:

“The RISE database trial has now been completed and all data and feedback from the users have been reviewed. The trial period provided very detailed and valuable insights, and revealed issues regarding both the current database functionality that needs to be addressed as well as necessary adjustments to the legal and contractual basis.

Based on the information gathered during the trial period of the RISE database, GWO has decided that:

The RISE launch date is postponed until further notice.

Further assessment has to be undertaken to determine the appropriate actions to address the issues with functionality that were uncovered during the trial period as well as a review of the data policy and security. These matters cannot be swiftly corrected and therefore a new RISE launch date cannot be set at this time.

What happens now?

GWO and RenewableUK will review and adjust the functionality in RISE based on the feedback from the trial.

The trial period and the feedback received has shown that there is a need, as well as a wish, among Training Providers for a global database for registration and management of certificates. GWO has listened to this feedback and is committed to deliver a high-performing, secure database which is easy to use for Training Providers and Delegates alike.

What about the updated requirements in the Criteria for Training Providers? 

The updated criteria will still take effect from November 2; however, GWO has issued a temporary exemption to the Criteria for Training Providers. The temporary exemptions relate to the updates in the criteria regarding the RISE database and are valid until further notice from GWO. The temporary exemptions for the Criteria for Training Providers can be read here.

The announced updates to the Basic safety Training Standard and the Basic Safety Training Refresher are postponed until the issues regarding the RISE database have been solved.”

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